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Lawn Sprinkler Winterization Blowouts In Michigan

Winterize your lawn sprinkler system if you live anywhere in the Northern United States to prevent damage and expensive repairs next spring. Our expert lawn sprinkler system professionals will perform all of the necessary steps to assure that your lawn sprinkler system and in particular your Febco backflow preventer will not freeze during the harsh cold winter.

The blowout or winterization of your sprinkler system will not only save you money in spring startup repairs, but, will also keep you and your family safe every time you use your indoor water. If your Febco backflow preventer freezes and cracks it will allow the potential for contaminated water to back into your drinking water system. Obviously, contaminated water is not something that you or your family should consume. Prevent this from happening with a professional winterization blowout of your sprinkler system along with a courtesy inspection of all connections leading to and from your sprinkler system.

We generally begin scheduling appointments for fall winterizations in Michigan during the month of September for service beginning in early October and work throughout Wayne County in Livonia, Canton, Plymouth, Northville, Novi, Belleville, Westland, Farmington and Southfield. Since this is an extremely busy season for us, we advise everyone to call us as soon as possible to schedule your sprinkler system blowout and to assure timely service. Give us a call at 734-844-2494 or 248-473-7485 and speak with one of our friendly schedulers. If you need any other type of sprinkler repair or maintenance during the sprinkler season in the Detroit metro area of southeast Michigan, our professionals are ready and available to serve your lawn sprinkler needs including complete sprinkler system installations.

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